Where the Mountains reach the Sea

This trader’s paradise is situated at the end of the Great Western Range, at the mouth of the Serpent River. Tomsim was left mostly untouched by the Mage War, but has nevertheless suffered greatly in the economic chaos that resulted from it. Even their worship of Dunen, god of trade, was insufficient to protect them from the collapse. The merchant fleet of Tomsim, once uncountable, now numbers less than two hundred ships.

It should be noted for the novice traveller that Tomsim is a city where profit and success are rated more highly than any other attribute. While there are strictly enforced laws to protect customers from conmen and charlatans, the practice and price of bribing officials has for decades been accepted and well-known. Traditionally, even access to the city is gained by bribing the gate guards with a gold piece.

Important Places and People

Temple of Dunen

The Temple of Dunen is the central religious site of the city. It occupies an enviable position on a rocky bluff, granting it both a view over the harbour and the docks but also drawing the attention of residents from all over the city. The temple itself is built around the Marketplace, a large courtyard where trade is not only permitted but actively encouraged. Protected by the clerics of Dunen, the merchants of the Marketplace come from far and wide. There is even a small group of mages, trading in powerful magical items, who are openly wizards.

Entry to the Marketplace is obtained by ritually bribing the underpriests who guard the entrance. Note that referring to this payment as a bribe is considered extremely impolite – it’s a tithe.

Tomsim Docks

The economic centre of the city, the docks are large and sprawling, covering more than a square mile of land and more if the expanse of the estuary mouth is considered. At any one time, there are more than forty ships tied up alongside the long wooden wharfs of the Tomsim Docks, trading in all kinds of obscure and valuable items.

However, not only honest merchants can be found on these docks. It is widely believed that the dread forces of the pirate Redblade dock at Tomsim to sell their plunder. Those seeking the bravest sailors and the sturdiest ships are advised to ply the taverns. They will find what they seek… assuming they survive.

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