The gods of Myrid are many and varied, and their role in the lives of the people is visible and unquestioned.

The relative locations and hierarchy of the gods varies widely based on which priest you ask, but the following are all important to the events unfolding in Myrid at this time.


Deity of the sun and god of healing, Pelor’s temple and primary power base reside in the Free City of Raven. His priests can be found in most cities, even those in which another deity is ascendant. The leader of the worshippers of Pelor is the High Priest Hervor, a man of unimpeachable integrity and faith.


God of trade and industry, Dumen focuses his efforts on the city of Tomsim, where his temple acts as the central marketplace. His priests, known as the Tradesmen, can be found many large cities, but are rarer in rural areas where trade is neither so advanced nor so profitable.


God of tyranny and war, Hextor’s grip on the Empire of Merro has lasted for generations. It is to him that the Empire’s golden ages are ascribed, and to the infidelity of the modern generations that the defeats are attributed.


Patron god of the Caliphate of the Sun, the primary power of the Eastern Continent, Kulissi is worshipped in his aspect as the Great Serpent. Worship of this slithery diety is abhorrent to those of the Western Continent, though it is suspected that the upper echelons of each of these four main religions are much less adamant in their denounciations of each other than their fiery rehtoric would suggest.

Wee Jas

The only forbidden religion, even the mention of the name of the Dark Lady is considered crass and uncouth. While cultists of the Witch-Queen exist, they are hunted and dispised, forced to survive by theft and murder. It is suspected that many great nobles are secret supporters of the Lady of Death and Magic, and it is true that there have been recent high-profile arrests and executions for what has been described as ‘acts threatening the state’.

Other gods.

There are many other smaller religions in the world. Most races worship their own deity, and there are other, more general ones – Obad-Hai, god of woodlands, Saint Cuthbert, god of righteous warfare and valour, and so on.

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