The Imperial City

Jewel of the southern desert, the Imperial City is the home and centre of the once-great Merro Empire.

The Empire of Merro once covered the entire southern half of the continent, the great roadways and magical communications linking the widespread towns the envy of the world.

Alas, the strength of the Empire has always been the strength of the Emperor, and the current dynasty have not been a success. The destruction of Adele was the last straw – if the Imperial Legions could not defend even this city, reasoned the people, then they’re not likely to come out here and find out why we’re not paying our taxes.

In the two decades since then, the Empire has retained control over the hinterland in name only – true control remains only over the city itself.

The city of Merro retains its position as the most cultured of cities, and it is still a respected world power. Though the Empire crumbles under bandit pillaging, only the most savage and unenlightened humanoids attempt open war against the capital itself. The Imperial Legions are still perhaps, man-for-man, the most effective infantry in the world, though their dwindling numbers will soon limit the range of their operations even more.

The Empire is led by the Emperor, whose right to reign lies in thousands of years of good breeding. The Emperorship has passed, over the eons, between scions of the Three Houses. The current Emperor is of House

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