Lion's Paw

When the orcs attacked Raven, they were called. When the undead forces of the lich Ventorix marched on the dwarven delve of Ketteren, they were there. When the planar assault forces of Acheron attempted an invasion of Mechanus, they were summoned. They were… The Lion’s Paw.

The most powerful and feared group of adventurers, the Paw were famous and honoured… until one of their number turned against the Free Cities of the North, and led the Arcane Army against them.

They were:

Darkrunner, Warrior-Prince of the North
Sir Herra the Pious, Knight Pantenger and paladin of Pelor
Renne the Strong, warpriest of Moradin
Erion Arksolm, druid of the groves of Feldemarsh
Tamara the Swift, archer-commander of the Elven Fourth Light Infantry.
Sibilyn, archmage.

Each was powerful and unquestioned in their sphere, and journeyed together as friends and conquerers; and then, when their work was completed, the Lion’s Paw moved back to their homes and their cities. It was then that problems started.

Sibilyn the mage went to the tower he had constructed in the southern desert, and remained there for three years. When he emerged, he had changed horribly. His drive to achieve ultimate arcane power had been subsumed in a quest to achieve overlordship of the world. His Arcane Army was eventually defeated, but at a terrible cost.

With the death of Sibilyn and the departure of Tamara, it fell to Darkrunner to solve the mystery of Sibilyn’s transformation. Finding the secret, he formed a plan. Knowing that his friends were too old to defeat the rising dark, he placed their intelligent items in remote locations, each with a portion of the dark knowledge he had gathered. Last of all he placed his Sword with a Planar Stone deep in the abandoned astral city of Morn’thren, where he hoped the heroes he had seen through divinations would eventually come.

The intelligent items Darkrunner placed to carry on their legacy are as follows:

Lion's Paw

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