The central mountain ridge of the western continent, the Landspine Mountains are considered the border between the lands loyal to the Free City of Raven and the City of Tomsim. Its northern reaches abut the Icy Ocean, and the southern extremity slowly fades into the Desert of Merro.

Large numbers of people have colonised the Landspine, and it is the heart of much of the continent’s industry. Wide canals lead to both Raven and Tomsim, and the largest dwarven delves can be found beneath the Landspine.

At the very southern tip of the ‘Spine, almost as a last refuge against the desert, lies the great swamp called Feldemarsh, capital of the druids and home to the only elven city still with open doors. The rivers and streams that flow from the marsh are driven north by a circular outcropping of mountains known as the Druid’s Bowl; interestingly, certain ancient writings refer to this odd-shaped ridge as the Mountains of Many Places, or possibly the Moving Mountains (translation of such old writing is at best an imprecise science).

The most important town on the Landspine is Mandalay, which occupies the most accessible pass through the mountains. Blocked by snow only in the harshest winters, it is a prosperous and cosmopolitan trading post, famously impartial in the disputes between Tomsim and Raven.

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