There are many groups and organisations in the land, known collectively as the Guilds. The vast majority are headquartered in the Free City of Raven, and those that are based elsewhere have large branch offices in that sprawling metropolis.

Guilds of Raven

  • Guild of Fighters

The Guild of Fighters is the oldest of the Guilds of Raven. Its headquarters is the large building next to the barracks of the Raven Warders, a huge grey stone building filled with weapons and warriors. The Guild provides both financial and educational assistance to its members, and its training programs are widely respected as the best in the world. Guild-trained mercenaries can demand – and get – top dollar for their services in the field and the training ground.
The Fighters’ Guild actively recruits new members, but does not aggressively pursue non-members. They find that offering better services than independents can get themselves makes most combat-focussed people seek them out rather than the other way around.

  • Guild of Mages

The Guild of Mages is an organisation with a specific purpose. The Guild is unique in that membership is not optional. All the major cities and their hinterland enforces membership in the Guild for all sorcerers and those few wizards who remain. Annual dues are merely nominal fees, but the Guild maintains an iron grip over its members. All members were the blue-and-yellow robes that signify a master of the arcane arts.
Wizards and sorcerers who are not members of the Guild are relentlessly pursued. One can avoid the attention of mundane guards and police forces by either concealing their magical ability, or by donning the Guild robes. Guild officials, however, will be able to identify fakers, and their capture or destruction is a legally mandated obligation in some areas.

  • Guild of Thieves

An organisation with a shady past, the Guild of Thieves is formally opposed to breaking the law, and publically encourages its members to confess their crimes and accept their punishments. They also campaign for increased use of rehabilitation and community service to replace time spent in the North Fort, Raven’s prison.
Behind the scenes, however, the Guild of Thieves provides a number of clandestine services. Annual dues are a nominal fee, but every service from the guild costs a lot, and the amount is usually decided at the time of the transaction. Need to fence your loot or find a place to lay low? Well, the guild can help you… for a price.

  • Guild of Natural Warriors

The Guild of Natural Warriors is only technically headquartered in Raven. The upper floor of the Golden Boar in Riverside houses the Guildhall, the Guildmasters Office and the Guild Treasury. However, guild members visit the Golden Boar maybe once a year, given how the members prefer the unspoilt wilderness to the cobbled city. Barbarians, rangers and especially druids tend to join the Guild of Natural Warriors, but a number of fighters and monks are also members.

  • Guild of Knights and Warpriests

Clerics and paladins make up the majority of the membership of the Guild of Knights and Warpriests. However, fighters and other classes that specialise in mounted combat often join this Guild instead of (or in addition to) the Guild of Fighters, not least because of the number and quality of rare and exotic mounts that the Guild of Knights and Warpriests can provide, by arrangement with the Guild of Natural Warriors.

  • Guild of Adventurers

The most general of all the Guilds of Raven, the Guild of Adventurers is by far the most wealthy and the most prosperous. The main reason for this is the sheer variety of its membership. Most people who want to recruit troubleshooters, whether to drive out the rats in the basement or help hold back rampaging stone giants, don’t care if the heroes who come to save them are druids or monks or gnome illusionists, provided the problem goes away. And so, given that it is also the only guild to charge no fee for posting job notices, the Guild of Adventurers has the most varied and the most profitable jobs available.
Moreover, the Guild of Adventurers is also the best equipped. Members can find equipment of any kind at the guild, usually for a discount between ten and thirty per cent. The Guild is also unique in not charging fees for membership – the Guild believes that offering equipment adventurers want at below market rate will ensure a steady flow of gold into the Guild coffers. Regardless of other opinions, the impressive balance sheet of the Guild offers a firm argument in favour of their business model.
Another large earner for the Guild is their famous history. A large number of well-known adventuring groups have been members of this Guild, and the Guild is not backward in pointing out how they were instrumental to the heroes success. Even the fabled Lion’s Paw were members of the Guild of Adventurers.

  • Bardic College
Fighters Organisations
  • Knights Pantenger
  • Monks Pantenger
  • Fists of Hextor
  • College of War


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