Army of the Free City of Raven

The Army of the Free City of Raven (AFCR) consists of two main branches: the Raven Army itself, which consists of infantry, cavalry, artillery and magic-user divisions; and the Raven Navy, which is theoretically equal to the Army but has always been seen as a subsidiary force. The Navy’s responsibility is the security of the Port and Seas of Raven, the collection of taxes and duties on merchant vessels, the capture or destruction of pirates and smugglers, and to transport units of the Raven Army.

Note that the term ‘Army of the Free City of Raven’ officially refers to all the armed services of Raven, but is usually used to refer to the Raven Army alone.

The AFCR command structure is mostly split between its land-bound and ocean-going forces, except at the highest level. Generals and Brigadiers are classed as General officers, and are at the pinnacle of both Army and Navy rank charts. However, a Colonel cannot issue an order to even the lowest ranking Rating, nor can a Commodore command the greenest Private.

The current General of the AFCR is the half-orc General Thrusk, a man of fierce intelligence and strategic cunning. The General is well-respected by both Army and Navy soliders alike, an impressive feat given the traditional rivalry between the services.


The AFCR possesses a wide range of equipment. The Raven Navy owns one battleship, the RNS Dauntless, eight active warships, twenty-two customs cutters and eleven heavy transport vessels. There are also a large number of square-rigged vessels currently leased to merchant companies that are ultimately owned by the AFCR, and can be converted back to men-of-war within a week.

The Raven Army equips its soliders with gear commensurate with their ability, role and time in service. The Army also owns the Arsenal, which contains weapons mundane, masterwork and magical which the city has acquired over the years. In large underground chambers, the Arsenal holds fifteen seige golems captured intact from the Arcane Army’s assault twenty years ago. Access to the Arsenal is tightly controlled, but high-ranking mercenaries in the city’s employ can expect to be granted limited access to provision their men. Theft from the Arsenal remains one of the few capital offences with the gates of Raven.

Rank order

General Officers

  • General
    • Currently General Thrusk
  • Brigadier
    • Two Brigiadiers currently, Moredock of the Army and Hooder of the Navy

Army Officers

  • Colonel
  • Lt Colonel
  • Major
  • Captain
  • Lieutenant

Army NCOs

  • Sergeant
  • Corporal
  • Private

Naval Officers

  • Commodore
  • Captain
  • Commander
  • Lieutenant Commander
  • Lieutenant

Naval NCOs

  • Warrant Officer
  • Petty Officer
  • Rating

Army of the Free City of Raven

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