Arcane Army

The Arcane Army is the title given to the forces led by the elven wizard Sibilyn in his campaign to subjugate the northern lands. The Army destroyed the city of Adele, then moved north to engage the massed forces of the Allied Lands before the Free City of Raven, where they were brought to bay and destroyed.

Composition of the Arcane Army

The Arcane Army was built around a core of between five and six thousand wizards of varying ability, from apprentices to archmages. The Guild of Mages forbade its members from joining the Army, but wizarding members of the Guild ignored this edict. Some few sorcerers also joined the forces, as well as the small group of bards belonging to the Merro chapter of the College of Arcanobiological Studies.

The precise composition of the other members of the Army changed frequently over the course of its brief history, but in general it was split into three main areas: constructs, summoned creatures and summoned elementals. The construct section was most effective – it was a large attack group of mithril golems that inflicted the most horrific casualties on the Allied Lands. The summoned creatures were slowed by the Raven chapter of the Guild of Mages, who spent more than a week preparing scrolls of dismissal to repel them.

Leadership of the Army

The leader of the Army was, without question, the elven mage Sibilyn. His authority seemed to stem from his own arcane mastery, and the other mages in the Army obeyed him without question. Interrogation of survivors indicated that Sibilyn was possessed of charisma beyond human understanding. The sheer force of his personality meant that he literally could not be disobeyed.

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