The City of White Walls; The City That Is No More

The city-state of Adele was the first victim of the rampaging war machine that was the Arcane Army. Rumours of a massing wizards’ army was dismissed until one fateful day when, aided by constructs, undead and summoned creatures of phenomenal power, the city of Adele was overrun in less than two hours.

Adele had never been a warlike city – her walls were defended only by the city’s police force and the small militia which had been scraped together. The majority of the city’s inhabitants were able to flee in the boats which were docked, but the land where the city once stood is now a barren wasteland, poisoned by the magical energies which were expended upon it. At night, this arcane glow is visible for miles around, and even vermin and animals shun the area.

The destruction of Adele was a pivotal event in world history, as it marked the final collapse of the global respect of the Merro Empire, as well as prompting the first (and, to date, only) alliance between Tomsim and Raven. It also destroyed any popular support for the Arcane Army, turning what was seen as the unfortunate expression of a few southern mages into a conquering, rampaging force to be dealt with.

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