Return of Evil

Crypt of What??
And then we all died...

Once the brave team realised the dread import of the AVATAR OF THE HORDE! The threat he represented and most importantly his close familial relationship with the dangerous but apparently ‘good’ General Thrusk of Raven, it became clear that only we would be able to tidy up this mess.

Yes us, as usual! So what do you need to defeat an impossibly powerful BIG BAD! Well… apart from a nicely force assisted pair of proton torpedoes all I can think of would be…. ah yes Magical Items of stunning Power! (Not like the monk ability, I can do that without any help!) In this case the weapons and armour of the Lion’s Claw a previous group of Adventurers almost as good as us who certainly foreshadowed our ultimate arrival on the scene of awesomeness! So we located the Sword of Darkrunner (The leader) and gave it (or rather he chose… ahem or so his ego 16 might think) to Brakt our resident blender. (I mis-spelt his name you say? Look at me a monk and a woman… I don’t care what you think TWICE OVER!)

Anyway we located the armour (being kept by the dwarves… man were they easy to fool!) and then set off to the Tomb of Horrors… no you heard right… we willingly and of our own volition walked into a place called the TOMB of HORRORS!

As might be expected it was full of deadly traps and criptic clues resulting in hideous and custom made pains and monsters. My favourite part was when I carefully worked out that the brave would leap into the black hole in the wall… oh yes that was clever of me… well being brave… and clever did I mention clever… what could I do… naturally I jumped…....... Straight into the BLACK HOLE OF DEATH! As I glanced up into the eyes of fate I thought I saw a small gleam of satisfraction as I died instantly. PAUSE-- DRAMATIC PAUSE!.... mourning music comemorating Scythe.

Well we were of Isguard, eternal plane of war and feasting, so I was rezzed as of Sunrise ergo I can talk to you!

The adventures continued, the Save or DIE mentality continued, the deaths …. continued and the free resurections continued. We got the liche but the tomb only colapsed ionto rubble the adventure didn’t end. We knew it wasn’t over because I never heard the DING! and we were oddly lacking one supped up bow!

We were of course trapped but our friendly Shifter ahem shifted into an ooze and slid up the walls of an unclimbable shaft. He then tried to loot the place before we got there but found cheasts are a lot more difficult without Onmica our loveable… killable… rogue. Mic soon popped em all open only to find them packing traps and constructs designed to be imprevious to our abilities and packed full of damage and damage reduction. Annoying yes… dead… oh yes they are!

Of course when we found a room full of treasure and stuff we rejoyced thinking the master of our fates had finally grown a heart. However as our sword wielding ranger brashly searched the place the tapestry turned to green slime…. naturally he would make his save…. or …. he wouldn’t and then he would be hurt…. or DIE! It turned out to be the last of these options, so another waiting for foolish fighter to be rezzed whilst clever rogue and dangerously frustrated warmage (All spells area effect are they…) sorted out the treasure trove from the death traps.

Eventually we made it to the sacrificaial four armed (But not forewarned as it turned out as he’d lost an arm to some old surprise attack) statue which happily crushed our expensive gems (Did I mention our gems all got crushed our turned to copper pieces on this mission! Drat you FATE!) He did give us a gem of true seeing in exchange which molified me somewhat.

Well that was about when we ran into the giant metal elephant come Steamroller. As this thing barreled its way down an annoyingly narrow built to spec corrider I brave scythe charged the cursed thing. Slamming into it full force I smashed off a chunk of its form. That didn’t stop it which was when our Warmage Seraph decided he’d had enough of the noble monk and aimed his prismatic ray right at the elephant (or so he claimed later) unfortunatly I was in the way and so it slammed into both of us teleporting us to an entirely different plane of exsistence. Finding myself on a several mile wide cog whirling over an abyss of endless nothingness I rode the steamrolling elephant construct off the edge. Needless to say I made a perfect dismount (Those 10 ranks in jump, tumble and balance had to pay off someday and until we get an olympic gymnastics team together… well…) So as that annoying beast dropped to its death I went to investigate Mechanus the plane of law and met up with Lucien and another old angel friend. luckly they could oplane shift me back to Isguard, though we were 60 miles from the tomb, needless to say I got running (Thank goodness for 70ft base speed).

I only got there to find the tomb in ruins the demi lich master destoryed and the soul sucked Seraph back in his own body. The bow resting in the hands of my companions and our search for the artifacts of the Lion’s Claw continues. Needless to say Seraph was surprised to see his dark attempt on my life failed… but don’t worry there will be an awesome revenge…. but not until everyone has forgotten that in a plane where no one could die he almostr succeeded in getting me out of the way. I can only assume he did this because he knows I will foil his deep seated Animé-complexity schemes (Well he can be certain the others won’t anyway… I mean have you met my group?) Anyway fear not dear reader Scythe is still as sharp as ever especially now the tomb is done… how do I know it is done you ask … easy I can see the bow but most importantly I heard the Sound … what sound you ask… why the best sound I reply …. DING! DING! (Yes, that’s right, TWICE BABY!)


WOOT We got the big bad and got the planar stone W00T :)

Yes, the brave heroes fearlessly handed over a book, alone and a long way from home. My goodness, their daring knows no limits.

Icy Exploraton
Adveture hooks for everyone!

With a contract from the Palace of the Grand Sultan of All the Efreet, the party travelled to the Elemental Subplane of Cold, a place between the Plane of Air and the Plane of Water. Their goal was to retrieve an item, a chaos diamond, from a frost giant named Gungir.

The party used the Chamber of the Planes to access the Subplane, emerging once again in a small room containing only the planar travel pad and a flight of stairs. The stairs ended in a wide, icy valley. Exploring down the valley, the adventurers found a small mining encampment. Enquiring of the orcs, ogres and humans that inhabited it, they were given directions to the frost giant’s hall. Learning of the heroes’ intent to defeat the frost giant, one of the master crasftmen of the encampment gave each of the heroes a magical item of his own devising: boots of winterkind, magical boots that allow the wearer to ignore the biting icy cold that is such an inherent part of the Subplane.

Following the directions of the townsfolk, the party found the hall of the frost giant jarl Gungir, a cleric of Thrym. Gungir believed he had been chosen by Thrym to restore the frost giants to their rightful ascendancy.

The party, rather than attempt a frontal assault, announced themselves to the doorguard and requested an audience with the mighty jarl. Impressed by their respectful attitude, the jarl consented to an audience. Once in his throne room,the party claimed to have overheard another group of adventurers accepting a contract to retrieve the chaos diamond, and, being impressed and approving of Gungir’s mission, determined to beat the others to Gungir’s castle to warn him of the approaching threat.

Grateful for their assistance and failing to detect their subterfuge, Gungir appointed the party as part of his guarding force.

The next morning, their plans carefully laid, the shapeshifting druid snuck out of the base thanks to a potion of invisibility, transformed himself into a dark elf, and proceeded to insult the jarl in a loud and obnoxious manner. Enraged by the arrogance of this underground rodent, Gungir insisted on executing the impertinent miscreant himself. While his devoted frost giant acolytes obeyed, the remaining members of the party pursued the frost giant, claiming to be assisting him.

As soon as the frost giant was upon their druidly comrade, the party launched a surprise attack from the rear. Scythe, the half-elven monk, was able to grab the giant’s boot as he ran, causing him to fall heavily onto the snowy ground. As he tried to rise, the other members of the party proceeded to attack. Seeing this treachery, the frost giant guards started charging across the intervening wasteland.

Gungir, surprised and alone, was no match for the co-ordinated assault tactics of the group, and fell quickly under a rain of blows and arrows. Grabbing his bag and looting the more accessible items about his person, the party climbed aboard the now gryphon-shaped druid and flew back to the planar gate.

On returning to the material plane to seek magical protection before their next journey to the Elemental PLane of Fire, the party examined the bag: it contained, as well as the chaos diamond, a parchment, on which was written an encoded message…

To be continued…

The Story So Far...
A history of blood and death

The adventuring heroes of Scythe, Seraph, Omica, Brask and the druid have explored many dark and dangerous dungeons, but now face their greatest challenge. The prophesy has been revealed – soon, the Witch-Queen will attempt to rise up again. They have also discovered the secret of the ancient planar gates – and they are using them to seek after the centuries-lost Planar Stones – each a powerful object, granting its possessors fantastic power.


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